Together, we’re breaking new ground –
for first-class training and continuing education

The four research institutes of the ETH Domain are creating a joint, decentralized education center over all sites – the lead campus. They are combining their training and continuing education offerings, expanding them and consistently aligning them with the needs of their employees and external customers, with a clear focus on learning and development.

Together and in close partnership, we are thus opening a new chapter in the area of training and continuing education. Our focus is on the systematic expansion and outstanding quality of our education programs. We combine the best from all four institutes so that all of our approximately 4,000 employees can benefit: Because, as we all know, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

This partnership adds value for everyone, but also covers specific needs of the four partners and, of course, takes into account the particular corporate culture of each of the four institutes.

The lead campus is part of the ENRICH initiative, with which the four research institutes aim to exploit synergies in order to achieve more together than would be possible for each individual institution on its own.