Project Manager

Philipp Hediger

«Through the lead campus’s joint education program, lifelong learning becomes a tangible reality in the scientific environment of the four research institutes – and offers numerous career-advancing opportunities for our employees.»

Birgit Ottmer, WSL
Birgit Ottmer

«Excellent continuing education programs, such as those we offer withthe lead campus, are key to attracting and retaining the best and brightest minds for our institutes.»

Gabriele Mayer, Eawag
Gabriele Mayer

«Together, we can significantly expand and professionalize our training and continuing education programs for our employees and leverage synergies in the process.»

Thierry Straessle, PSI
Thierry Straessle

«External users outside the research arena will also greatly benefit from the lead campus’s continuing education programs that are not available elsewhere.»

Urs Leemann, Empa
Urs Leemann

«A welcome side effect is that the lead campus promotes encountering and getting to know each other beyond a single institute’s boundaries by allowing all employees to participate in joint continuing education events.»